Hello, I'm Michelle. Once I’m given a design project, my mind starts to envision what it will look like and I ask, how will the user interact with the content? How will the content inform the layout? Ideas begin to percolate. I'm interested in process and team collaboration that enhances the user’s experience because, this is what makes a project successful.

I’ve been designing for print and web for over 10 years and I am very excited about the current emphasis on UX/UI Design. I’m intrigued by the user’s experience and enjoy investigating and deconstructing the elements of design and how they affect the interaction between the user and the device - whether it be a desktop, mobile or tablet. I’ve been delving into Responsive and Mobile First web design and having a lot of fun with it. I must admit, I’m thrilled by the process of writing HTML5 and CSS3 and then turning from my editor to the screen and watching the code come to life.